First Annual
Alabama Mushroom Festival

Oct 8th-9th 2022
Gates open at 9am 


You wont want to miss this weekend long event of fungi fun! We have two primary goals for the Alabama Mushroom Festival: educate on the amazing world of mushrooms and collect data on the fungi of Alabama. We will have vendors selling products of all kinds, forays led by professionals and enthusiasts, various classes, presentations, and demonstrations, mushroom foods and more! We will also be coordinating fungi collection, identification and DNA sequencing to compile data on what fungi occur in Alabama. Check out the FAQ page to learn how you can help!


 Lake Howard in Sylacauga, Alabama. 
Address 850 Boat Dock Lane, 
Sylacauga, AL 35150

Tickets are $25 per person at the gate (children under 12 are free) 
Save $10 by purchasing a weekend pass!
Online Presale is over and camping is sold out. Weekend Passes and Day Tickets can be purchased at the gate. 


  • Dixie Glass- Hand Blown Glass Mushroom Pendants, Glass mushrooms, glass marbles, glass spinning tops, pendants
  • Amber Myrick- Paintings of fungi and nature
  • Robin Sexton- Mushroom art, headbands, magnets
  • Mothers Nature- Mushroom infused lotion, soap and oils
  • Magic City Mushrooms- Fresh Cultivated Mushrooms, grow blocks, plugs, mushroom logs
  • Casara Candle Company- Candles with mushroom themed scents 
  • Shedtown Jewelry- Handmade jewelry
  • Gowin Valley Farms- Fresh Cultivated Mushrooms, grow blocks, plugs, agar plates, liquid culture
  • El Gaucho Virgen- Wheelthrown and handbuild pottery, made with self processed clay and glazes. 

  • Hip-e-Beads- Metal art

  • The Haunt- Delicious vegan, mushroom-centric food

  • Mindful Mycology- Medicinal mushroom extracts

  • EncapsulateUSA- Medicinal mushroom extracts and capsules.

  • Sydney Dotson- T-shirts, Dresses, mushroom clocks, baskets, temporary tattoos and face painting

  • Suzanne Kennedy Huff- Pottery and Paintings

  • AdventureKEEN- Mushroom Guidebooks and other nature books

  • Frogsong Press- Hand screenprinted T-shirts and tote bags, handmade mushroom themed books, paper made from mycelium and mushroom spores, and handmade journals and stationary made with mushroom paper. 

  • Secondhand Sisco- Hand-dyed, up-cycled clothing/garments, as well as hand picked secondhand and vintage fashions and decor

  • Sugar On Top- Decorated cookies, cupcakes, baked goods, drinks and water, candy

  • Sylacauga Chamber of Commerce- Information about the beautiful city of Sylacauga

  • Mycolah FFF- Fresh mushrooms, mushroom coffee, Lions Mane capsules, mushroom salt, mushroom grow kits, mushroom spores/genetics, mushroom substrate.

  • Pelican's SnoBalls- Shaved Ice (Sunday Only)

  • MalMakesJewelry- Handmade jewelry

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