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AMS South leadership, get to know us

Allen Carroll


 Allen grew up in Mobile, AL. He is earning an undergraduate degree in Crop, Soil and Environmental Science from Auburn University this spring. Allen has been growing mushrooms for 9 years. In 2017, he founded Fungi Farm. This company offers high quality mushroom spawn, mushrooms, and a variety of other mushroom products. Fungi Farm specializes in locally sourced and commercially viable mushroom varieties and exists to support mushroom agriculture as well as the intelligent use of fungi in Alabama and beyond.  Allen is excited to play a part in the development of the Alabama mushroom community through his involvement with AMS. He believes that mushroom education and the greater mushroom community are key aspects for maintaining overall environmental and human health. He enjoys teaching about mushroom cultivation and is currently studying to become proficient with identifying wild mushrooms. 

Alicia Brown


 My name is Alicia Brown. I am an artist, photographer, birder, mycophile, wife, home chef, and top-notch cat mom. My love for the outdoors began when I was very small; I spent as much time as possible outdoors – a characteristic that has not changed! For much of my youth, I lived on a farm beside an abandoned strip mine in north-central Alabama where I enjoyed riding my horse through the woods, wading in creeks, and bringing home as many interesting creatures as I could find. As an adult, I moved to southeast Alabama where I began birding and photographing birds, gardening, and trying to lead a self-sustainable life with as little negative impact as possible. My husband Bruce and I found Learn Your Land on Youtube and we began to realize the incredible potential of fungi and wild plants. Since then, mushrooms have had a permanent place in our lives. I enjoy baking and cooking, especially with unique and unconventional flavors and ingredients, and wild edible mushrooms play a huge role in my kitchen! Mushrooms, as well as birds and other wildlife, are a dominant theme in my art, spanning across all mediums; my work is largely based on what inspires me, and little can captivate me like Nature herself. I am a lifelong learner, and I delight in acquiring new information, but I also enjoy sharing my own experiences and knowledge. I am thrilled to be part of a community of enthusiastic mycophiles; it is my hope that we can educate, inspire, and encourage as many others as possible to join us! 

Felicher Jones


I grew up in various places as a “Army Brat”.  I now Live in Mobile, Al.  I am a graduate of Tuskegee University with a BS in Education and University of South Alabama with a Master in Nursing.
I am a Retired RN from the USA Medical Center, Mobile, Al. I am a mother of 2: son lives in Atlanta, Ga he has 3 children. My Daughter lives in Saranac Lake, Ny

I have been a mushroom enthusiast since childhood!
I  admire people who could go into the forest to gather mushrooms and  wild plants for food and medicine and I always wanted  to learn and  develop that skill also.
I look forward to learning more with the Alabama Mushroom Society. 

Bruce Brown


 I've always felt a calling to be outdoors. Even as a young child, I  spent most of my free time on my neighbor's land, either fishing or  simply exploring nature's hidden treasures. In school I was most  interested in chemistry and biology even though I never considered  perusing it as a career. Throughout life I was always curious about the  names of wild trees, plants, and animals. I was always bringing home  wild and weird things for my mom to freak out about. Even with all the  interest in flora and fauna, mushrooms had never crossed my mind until  my wife, Alicia, and I began home gardening. I then realized the vital  role fungi play in the growth of all things. Afterwards I decided to  learn all about various edible, inedible, and medicinal wild fungi,  trying to learn as much as I can about this exciting and almost  fantastical world!