AMS May Meeting

Meeting held at The Lumbar in the Incubator room with 8 in attendance.
After introductions, Wendy Creel, V. President, discussed ongoing contest. Encouraged all to get those Scavenger Hunt photos in!!
Response for Turkey Creek Land Preserve in Pinson, AL on 5/19/19 was good. It seems most in attendance will be there! This park is really a jewel and always shares something beautiful with its visitors. And like Tim Pfitzer said, "Even if you have an empty basket, the good company and conversation are always a plus."
Tim asked what everyone's interest was in mushrooms; what got them to this point? We have a very diverse group from hobbyist, farmers, foragers, to scientist with one thing in common....to find, id and eat mushrooms!
Finely, future outings on the 2nd Sunday afternoons were discussed and all agreed is a good day. Gary Granata expressed interest in having AMS come for walk on his property in Cottondale, AL. This would be good for some of our S. Central folks.
That's a wrap....



AMSS 1st Meeting



Alicia Brown

Bruce Brown

Felicher Jones

Allen Carroll


Meetings will be held monthly in the Mobile Bay area (SW AL)- Mobile or Baldwin County, and possibly wiregrass region (SE AL)- Dothan, Headland, or Ozark, etc. if interest is strong and a meeting location is found. Meetings can be held bi-monthly if a meeting spot in wiregrass is located and regular attendance is expected. There is reportedly a large mushroom interest in the FL panhandle.

Meetings should not conflict with other AMS chapter meetings or other regional mushroom meetings like Mushroom Club of Georgia. Currently, the first Tuesday and Wednesday of each month are unavailable due to AMS meetings in BHM and Mushroom Club of Georgia meeting in ATL. Please note any other conflicts. Meeting times are easily changed at this early stage.

The whole foods meeting room is now reserved for the second Monday of March, April, and May from 6-8pm

March 11th

April 8th

May 13th


Meeting locations- Mobile, Baldwin?, Wiregrass

o 50-60 people capacity, location can change- don’t need big capacity to start out

Mobile- St. Luke’s Episcopal School, Mobile Public Library, USA- reconvene on this topic next month

Wiregrass- Coffee shop through Greg Holly of Mayim Farm and Forestry Building through Mark Hainds- All within 30min to 1 hr of Opp, don’t know exact locations but these guys seem certain that meeting spots are readily available

· Projector screen- maybe available at location

· PA system- maybe available at location

Ideas for Meetings

· Meetings open to all

· Gather 45 min ahead of time to talk/hangout/eat

· Mushroom Cultivation- taught by Allen and anyone else that wants to help

· Basic edible mushroom ID- Taught by Bruce and Alicia

· Cooking- Alicia, Felicher

· Tree ID- Allen

· Birds- Alicia

· Photography- Alicia

· Art- Alicia

Mark Hainds and Greg Holly are both interested in being involved. Mark Hainds knows tons about log cultivation with mushrooms, especially tree species compatibility with various cultivated species of mushroom. Mark is also interested in cultivating mushrooms on invasive tree species. Perhaps he would be willing to give a talk at an AMSS meeting. Need to ask

· Talk to Trevor about places to forage

· Felicher- natto, tempeh

March Meeting: March 11th Plan

Topics: Foray locations and possible dates, speaker ideas (above), meeting location- determine possible long-term meeting locations. 



AMS 1st Meeting

Seven people showed up for our first meeting in the conference room, "the Incubator" at a local science-themed bar in Birmingham, "The Lumbar".

President Anthoni Goodman discussed his overarching goals for the club including the "eventual creation of about four branches of the AMS to include North, North-Central, South-Central, and South chapters. Hopefully this will allow for members from across the state to have access to local forays, leadership staff to organize events, and even educational lectures." Since the Southern regions of Alabama are the second most interested area (based on Facebook group membership and Paid Society membership numbers) they were targeted to be the first 'branch' of the AMS, 'Alabama Mushroom Society South' (AMSS).

AMSS will function as a part of AMS with the same overarching goals and members of AMS will have access to all branch resources. Allen Carroll, one of the leadership members of AMSS was in attendance and briefly discussed their plan to meet (AMSS minutes to follow). 

Allen is also the creator of Fungi Farm, a fungi spawn lab here in Alabama and will use his experience to benefit AMS by helping to enrich the interest in Fungi across the state. Allen briefly discussed his interest in fungi and everyone in the room followed by discussing what they were most interested in and what they wanted to see from the Society and its website. The overarching theme was to see more activities, lectures, and a focus on cultivating and identifying edible and toxic mushrooms. AMS is currently working on new webpages to accommodate that. Newcomer Jacob offered information on an auditorium-style meet/workspace for future educational lectures that may have an integrated kitchen for preservation and culinary training that we hope to organize sometime this year.

Anthoni also discussed that he is in talks with Claudia Littrell (Cave Springs Mushroom Club) and Sarah Prentice (Florida Academic Lichen And Fungi Enthusiasts League) regarding a joint effort to have Alan Rockefeller (a leading mycologist who focuses on mushrooms of Mexico and Psilocybin-containing mushrooms) to travel to Alabama and provide a workshop/foray with us.