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A.M.S. specimen collection

How to help

The number of mushroom species is astronomical, Alabama alone is home to thousands of different species. Contributions to this diversity include our hardiness zones 6b-8b to our 29 different ecoregions and warm tropical humidity. 

With the advent of social media more finds are being reported than ever before giving us the opportunity to effectively map the fungus of Alabama and neighboring regions. Part of this effort is the DNA sequencing of fungal bodies. We do Not have this capability, but others do and we hope to build up a sizable collection to begin working with local herbariums and researchers.
If you would like to help you can get a positive ID on a mushroom (try using iNaturalist or Mushroom observer to post online and get a consensus on your identification). If you have identifying chemicals, please use them on cap, gills/pores, and stem and take photographs of your observations. If you get a spore-print, collect that as well. Dry the specimen (try not to cook it) and place it in a sealed plastic bag and place it in your freezer until it can be collected. Make sure your specimens have an ID in the bag and your photo-collection can be tied to the specific specimen that has been preserved. Get the specimens to a society leader (email us!). If you can include GPS coordinates it would also be beneficial.
Your contributions will help the entire community at large by providing biologists with massive amount of pre-collected high-quality data.