Alabama Mushroom Society

   Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the public about mushrooms, their identification, various uses and scientific, culinary and environmental value, whilst prioritizing safety; and to promote advancement in the science of mycology. 

Alabama is home to thousands of different fungi, some simple brackets, some highly sought-after edibles. We're here to appreciate them all and provide members and the public with several high-quality resources that allow us to enjoy this often hidden, and sometimes mysterious kingdom of life!

Applying That Mission 

The field of mycology is always changing and growing, and we're here to help people catch-up and understand both identification of and re-classification of species and genera that grow in our backyard. We have probably hundreds of un-identified species of mushrooms thriving right here in Alabama, and we seek to help create classifications for those mushrooms by working closely with herbariums, botanical gardens, and citizen scientists like you! But more importantly, we have a ton of fun foraging for elusive mushrooms, identifying them together, and eating the best of them!             




Our Philosophy

This is a place for the interested people of Alabama (and nearby) to discuss and learn about the diverse, photogenic, and often quite tasty mushrooms in our region. Here we can help each other identify unfamiliar fruiting bodies, share good foraging territory with the new folk, gloat excellent finds, share recipes, and generally encourage each other to get out there and explore!

The Paths We Travel 

We're interested in appreciating the fungus amongus by striking out into our beautiful Alabamian backyard, collecting, documenting, identifying, and often eating some of the most coveted ingredients on the planet.

Join Us

Join us! Become a member today and receive access to exclusive guided forays, discounted rates and first notification of educational lectures, $5 off a membership to our parent affiliation the North American Mycological Association (NAMA), and access to the VIP Members Lounge with an archive of educational presentations, fungi ID keys and more!

Join Us


We are currently offering monthly forays in several counties across Alabama from February through October.

We will be holding several large annual forays to look for some of Alabama's choice edibles including our Morel Foray around March and a Chanterelle Foray around June.  
We also host monthly educational lectures by noted mycologists and fungi experts via Zoom.

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