Alabama Mushroom Society

Meet Our Leadership

Board Members

These are our elected officials who guide AMS and make larger decisions. Typically these are administrative roles.  

President: Alisha Millican
Vice President: Kelcie Brown

Treasurer: Spencer Lowry

Secretary: Becca Mahoney

Meet Our Board

President, Alisha Millican

Board Member,  Foray Leader

Alisha grew up hiking and exploring the woods of NE Ohio before moving south running from the snow. She has always had an interest in wild edibles, gardening and everything outdoors. In 2017 she received her Master Gardener certification which furthered her interest in collecting wild edibles. After discovering the Alabama Mushroom Society, she has delved more specifically into fungi identification and is constantly broadening her knowledge of Alabama mushrooms. She hopes by encouraging interest in and educating people about mushrooms, she can help promote good stewardship of our wild places and our earth. She also sits on the Board of the North American Mycological Association and has the pleasure to serve on NAMA's Vouchering Committee and Nominating Committee.  

Alisha lives in Cullman County, Alabama with her husband and two young kids. When she isn't hunting for or studying mushrooms, she enjoys backpacking, practicing primitive skills, and gardening.

Treasurer, Spencer Lowery

Board Member, Foray Leader

Spencer grew up in Central Alabama surrounded by a forest; the woods are his home. He has always had an interest in the natural sciences since a child but started to specialize in mycology in 2017. His goal is to teach the younger generations and get them involved. Mycophobia is indoctrinated, and he would like to end the cycle by educating others. AMS offers a platform to do this type of work. Fungi are useful, whether that be culinary, medically, or environmentally. Spencer just wants to show people this without it being convoluted with pop science, pseudo-medicine or mycophobia. Spencer is currently working on developing taxonomy skills to be able to give individuals proper information.

Secretary, Rebecca Mahoney

Board Member, Foray Leader

Rebecca (Becca) Mahoney is a lifetime Alabama resident. She has the joy of being a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She grew up hunting, fishing, wild harvesting and growing her own food and medicine. She owns a small cleaning business and a small working farm with her husband Mark.

Foray Leaders

Foray leaders do exactly that, lead forays, forages, or hikes. Foray leaders may not be experts, but can provide the guidance and enthusiasm to find fungi and get ID nailed down using a variety of resources.
These are the folks that are running forays for Alabama Mushroom Society. Our foray leaders will always conduct themselves in a professional manner, while educating and making every one feel welcome. 

Baldwin County

Kat Williams- a lifelong nature enthusiast whose love for the outdoors has led her around the globe to hike, forage, and explore. She is a published writer and poet who often finds inspiration in the forest and nestled in the crooks of decaying trees. Her adventures led her to pursue her budding interests in fungi and botany. She looks forward to making new friends and hunting mushrooms together every month at the Baldwin County Foray!

Tammy Havel Kinney- 
Growing up and living in the Gulf Coast area of Alabama, Tammy has always had a fascination for fungi. Until recently she focused on taking photographs and just admiring mushrooms. Since becoming a member of the Alabama Mushroom Society, fungi have just become more interesting. Being able to get out, explore, learn and share is what makes this an enjoyable hobby. Tammy is a longtime resident of Baldwin County with her retired US Navy husband. They have 3 children and 2 grandchildren

Cullman County

Alisha Millican- President of the Alabama Mushroom Society and active on the Board of NAMA, Alisha loves leading forays in Cullman County. She is especially fond of teaching kids about mushrooms and answering their 501 questions regarding all things fungi. Read her full bio above.

Tallapoosa County

Becca Mahoney- My name is Becca Mahoney. I am the secretary for Alabama Mushroom Society and one of the foray leaders. I grew up here in central Alabama. Hunting, foraging and fishing with my parents was as normal to me as shopping at the grocery store. Cooking has always been a passion of mine. Being able to add wild harvested mushrooms to our table has been a joy. The almost daily discovery of new fungi keeps me excited about learning. I love meeting the people that come to our Tallapoosa county forays. Sharing experiences and learning with them is truly a pleasure. 

Special Events

Tim Pfitzer- Tim has a passion for mushrooms and wild foods. This passion inspired him to start his business Magic City Mushrooms where he is able to help get mushrooms into the hands, and onto the dinnerplates, of anyone who wants to give them a try!  Tim is a founding member of AMS and is integral in putting on our annual Morel Foray and also helps us put on other events and classes throughout the year. 

Jesse Azobek-  
From the moment Jesse took his first bite of bread made from acorns he foraged in his own backyard, he was hooked! Since then, there are not many moments you won't find him outside in woods and fields looking for wild food and herbs. He loves teaching as much as foraging itself! Jesse runs the online educational foraging platform Feral Foraging, which you can find on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. We are excited to get to collaborate with Feral Foraging for some classes and forays throughout the year.

Other Notable Individuals

Founder, Anthoni Goodman

Anthoni Goodman founded this organization to foster interest in our diverse fungi and to build an educational and social club for all of us mycophiles! He attended Northern Arizona University where he earned his masters in Clinical Psychology and where he was fortunate enough to become a member of a very active Mushroom Society in Arizona. He moved to Birmingham for his PhD work in Neuroscience, where he missed that very particular type of social club and decided to make one for the great state of Alabama! His interest in fungi is primarily based on a general study of their morphology, distribution, ecological niche, and of course value as an addition to his dinner plate. He hopes this page and society bring, visitors and members alike, the resources and social support they need to dive head first into this fascinating hobby! He has, to our great loss, moved north to Pennsylvania, but continues to support AMS by contributing to projects and offering his advise and guidance. 

Founding Member, Tim Pfitzer

Foray leader and guru of all things wild food, Tim Pfitzer played a pivotal role in establishing the Alabama Mushroom Society. He plays a major role in us putting on our annual Morel Foray and our annual Chanterelle Foray. He has a passion for wild foods and loves to share that passion with anyone who has a desire to learn.

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