No upcoming events.

Want to do more? We can help!

Since the rains are unpredictable it can be tough to plan too far out, but if you have a cool spot you'd like to host an event/foray/activity at, let us know!

We can help you set-up events and host them here on the webpage or on our Facebook page. Send us a message, we're always looking for great new spots and people to share them with!


The scavenger hunt is an opportunity for you to learn about our local fungi with the opportunity for some really awesome prizes (see below). The scavenger hunt is for members only and is pretty simple. Submit photos with enough detail to accurately identify a mushroom (it has to be correct to count!) and tell us what it is. It doesn't matter how you ID it (even if someone IDs it for you!). Submit photos on iNaturalist or to our Facebook event