Alabama Mushroom Society

Interested in helping to support AMS or becoming more involved?
We're always on the lookout for help to expand our community involvement and to bring quality educational and fun content to our members and the community at large.

See below for a list of specific things we're looking for. If you have other ideas, please feel free to send us an email at .

Leading Forays

We're on the lookout for help leading existing forays or establishing more monthly forays in unrepresented counties. You don't have to know a lot about mushrooms or fungi, but you have to be willing to learn and to allocate time to running a local foray during our operating season (Feb-Nov).

Social Media

Social media is our connection to the wider community and where we are typically first encountered by new members. While most of our activity is run through Facebook due to it's strong group structure, we're looking to expand our reach to other platforms. Specifically, we need more people to devote time to creating, organizing, and posting content which is relevant to our mission and activities.

Instagram and TikTok video clip generation and management is at the top of our list.

Establishing & running new activities

Forays are fabulous fun, but we want to expand our reach to new areas including art-in-the-park, art or scientific installations, live cooking demonstrations/cookouts, and so much more! Our goal is for more family-friendly fungi-themed activities which aren't forays.
Most of these tasks would require permitting, supply gathering, organization / planning, and execution. Expect to work closely with the board and with a team. Other ideas are welcome!

Supply donations & location usage

Many of our future directions will require some amount of supplies which can be donated to us as a tax write-off. We're also always hearing about private land that we can forage/foray or other locations which may be made available to us. Please contact us and provide the details so that we may better organize those resources.
Some supply ideas include:
Art supplies - paint, brushes, canvas/paper, pastels, etc.
Fund-raising or contest prizes - quality baskets, outdoor knives, trowels, knee-pads, specialty art, etc.
Optics - dissection microscopes or compound microscopes in working order
Preservation tools - drying chambers/racks for specimens, access to freeze-dryer
Location usage ideas include:
Productive acreage - this may be seasonal or come with conditions/limitations
Presentation space - we love to present in person, but don't always have a great location to do so. Typically we would need to project a presentation and have seating.
Cooking space - something larger than a home-kitchen where we can demo recipes or many people can cook together. This may include commercial kitchens at community centers, churches, or similar locations.

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