This page will cover the basics for identifying Boletellus ananas in the family Boletaceae.
As with all of these pages, they are NOT intended to be used as a key or diagnostic tool, but a guide of basic identifying characteristics so that you can make informed decisions and easy-access to other, more detailed resources.

Edibility Basics

Boletellus ananas, the Pineapple Bolete

Boletellus is a genus in the family Boletaceae. The stipe is un-ornamented and ends in white basal mycelium.

Photo by Becca Mahoney

Distinctive Cap

This pink and coarsely woolly-scaled cap is a dead giveaway for this bolete. The margin will hang with sterile tissue that was a partial veil, covering the young pores.

 Photo by Becca Mahoney 

The Pores

The pores are deep, wide, and yellow. They will quickly bruise blue.

Photo by Becca Mahoney 

Please remember to seek other sources for confirmation before consuming any wild mushroom

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