This page will cover some of the basics for Harrya chromapes one of the few species in the small genus Harrya, of the family Bolitaceae

Edibility Basics

Harrya Chromapes- The Yellowfoot Bolete


chromapes [chrom - (L: pigmented) + pes - (L: foot)] is the defining feature of this mushroom. The common names are "yellow-foot" or "chrome-foot", which is an almost literal translation from the Latin epithet. 

Rose-colored cap

This unassuming rosy cap usually sits higher than some other Boletes, with its 'foot' hidden below the forest debris. The convex pink-cap will fade to light brown and flatten out some with age. 

The stipe

When pulled up, the cream-colored pores and rosy scabers may be the first things noticed if that bright yellow-foot is damaged or broken.

Yellow foot and Mycelium
Like many boletes, the color of the mycelium is important and Harrya chromapes is no different, with vivid yellow mycelium extending from the foot into the surrounding substrate.

Where it GrowsHarrya isn't as picky as many other boletes and is happy to form mycorrhizal relationships with hardwoods or conifers. These are often found growing alone.

Pore Surface

The pore-layer will be deep and the pore surface is usually cream colored but have have pinkish to light brownish hues depending on age.

Other Details

The stipe ornamentation may range from pseudo-reticulation to large scabers. No special smell or taste is associated with this species and this bolete's white flesh does not bruise. 


This is a pretty easily recognized species that is readily identified by its bright yellow base, its rosy colored cap and the reddish stipe ornamentation. The only possible lookalike in Alabama is a bit of a stretch even.

Tylopilus balloui

This bolete could only be confused as a lookalike if one were to do absolutely zero investigation of the mushroom's features. It's burnt orange cap could possibly take on a slightly rosy color as it fades, but will always be lacking the bright yellow stipe base and red stipe ornamentation that IDs Harry chromapes.

Please remember to seek other sources for confirmation before consuming any wild mushroom

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