Society leadership, get to know us

President, Anthoni Goodman


My name is Anthoni Goodman and I founded this organization to foster interest in our diverse fungi and to build an educational and social club for all of us mycophiles!
I attended Northern Arizona University for my masters in Clinical psychology where I was fortunate enough to become a member of the very active Mushroom Society in Arizona. When I moved to Birmingham for my PhD work in Neuroscience I missed that very particular type of social club and decided to make one for the Great State of Alabama! My interest in fungi are primarily based on a general study of their morphology, distribution, ecological niche, and of course value as an addition to my dinner plate.
I hope this page and society bring visitors and members alike the resources and social support they need to dive head first into this fascinating hobby!

Vice President, Wendy Creel


 I started collecting native plants over 25 years ago. That grew into where I am now. After  years of studying each plant, I'm able to walk outside every single  day, any time of the year and forage from my garden for food or  medicine. It is such a blessing to me.  Where would all of this foraging  lead next? Why, mushrooms, what else! It started as a hobby taking  pictures; as most folks do. As I began to identify and research; I found  that most of our Southern mushrooms are edible and quite good! As a  forager this was awesome, so here I am! I have found my tribe!!!

Treasurer, Diana Fowler


  Hi, I'm Diana Fowler.  I have had a very diverse career stemming from my  degree in accounting that ranges from working for private businesses,  schools, auditing, serving on boards and owning my own business.  Now, I  like to say that I am an accountant turned carpenter because I'm often  the sawman on our home building project of 5 years.  I've had the  pleasure of being happily married for 26+ to my husband, Tim, and we  have three lovely daughters.  I am an avid lover of all things of  nature/the outdoors who is always up for more exploration and  discoveries.  

Secretary, Tim Pfitzer


 As a long time scavenger, Tim’s love for wild food began when he was  very young. Collecting coconuts on Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands was  a fun pastime for him growing up. As Tim got older and after working in  many restaurant kitchens around Birmingham, Alabama, he also developed a  passion for fine food. Those two loves collided when he first found  chanterelle mushrooms in the Alabama foothills in 2002 and his life was  forever changed. Now he travels all over the southeast collecting vast  varieties of edible mushrooms and sharing them with fellow wild food  lovers